Jamie Foxx and Kevin Hart to play hit-men in Tim Story's The Black Phantom

Striking while the iron is hot, studios are doing everything they can to get Kevin Hart in as many projects as possible. With RIDE ALONG serving as a huge hit for Universal and a sequel on the fast track, Screen Gems is looking to capitalize by bringing director Tim Story on board to direct their own buddy film, THE BLACK PHANTOM.

Based on the title alone, you may think it is some sort of superhero movie. But, from the sounds of the plot description, I am not even sure THE BLACK PHANTOM is a comedy. Check out the summary according to Variety:

Story follows a double-crossed mob hitman who enlists the help of the Black Phantom, the same African-American hitman who had been sent to kill him.

The film would bring Hart and Story back together from RIDE ALONG and they are seeking Jamie Foxx to co-star. The question remains whether Hart would be playing the Phantom or if Foxx would. Either way, I could see this movie turning into a comedy with thriller elements or vice versa. I mean, did anyone expect BAD BOYS to be a good action movie with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence? At the time, neither was known for any serious performances and look how well that turned out.

Source: Variety



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