Jamie Foxx goes Liam Neeson on everyone's ass in first Sleepless trailer

How many times do kids have to be kidnapped in order for bad guys to realize that all parents are cops who know kung-fu and are experts with every automatic weapon? Apparently the answer is infinite, because it's happening again in the new Jamie Foxx action movie, SLEEPLESS. In the movie Foxx plays a cop with his hand in some shady dealings, and then has his kid taken from him by some equally shady people. Of course it's on after that, and the guns are brought out and the punches are thrown, all to a rap song with a heavy beat.

Check out the trailer and new poster below!

The movie, as evidenced above, doesn’t look like it will subvert the “they took my kid so I will kill them all” angle, but it looks like a fun distraction. I admit I like the angle that Foxx’s character doesn’t seem like a nice guy, and it’s more reap-what-you-sow than other kidnapping action flicks. But what I get most out of this trailer is the movie comes out next year, but is not a massive superhero blockbuster or an Oscar movie going into wide release. This means that we are officially at that point where we will be seeing more and more trailers for casual 2017 releases. The year is soon ending, and in a month we will even have a new president. It’s in these moments when I wish I had Adam Sandler’s remote from CLICK, and I could just pause everything. And now I’m referencing Adam Sandler movies. This year is not ending well.

SLEEPLESS with Jamie Foxx, Michelle Monaghan, David Harbour, Tip "T.I." Harris and Scoot McNairy will bring the heat on February 24, 2017.

Source: Open Road



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