Jamie Lee Curtis has "no idea" if she will be back for more Halloween

**Minor spoilers for HALLOWEEN**

This year’s HALLOWEEN – a direct sequel to the 1978 original that ignored every other movie in the franchise – was a massive horror hit that got rave reviews and earned over $250 million globally, making it the biggest slasher movie ever. A sequel is in the cards, which means the story of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) could continue for another outing. However, we have zero knowledge about where a new movie would go and even Curtis herself has “no idea” if she will be back for more movies.

Curtis was talking to EW about the matter, saying she has no idea if she will be involved in a new movie, or what co-writer/director David Gordon Green has in store for the series. However, she knows that if he has a story to tell the studio will no doubt hear what he has to say. He did make a movie that made $250 million off a $10 million budget, after all.

“I have no idea at this point, today, I have no idea. I would make an assumption that, if David Gordon Green has a story to tell, that the people involved with the movie would encourage him to tell it. [Laughs] I haven’t been told whether or not he has a story to tell and whether or not he would include Laurie Strode in the telling. Really, time will tell. I know David is a busy guy.”

She did say she would be down for another gory outing, but she also said that if the recent movie was her last hurrah than she’s pleased with how her story ended.

 “I’d be happy to do it, sure. This was an extraordinary experience. David was a fantastic director, writer, but obviously this 2018, 40th anniversary, was Laurie’s story, and obviously there are now other people’s stories that would need to get told. But Laurie’s story was told beautifully this year, and I would have no way of knowing how they would incorporate her into future.”

There was a lot of talk about a sequel prior to the movie’s release two months ago, with Jason Blum saying he wants to do another movie, and co-writer/producer Danny McBride saying they had actually planned to do two movies back to back. They realized this would be for naught if people didn’t like the first movie, but once the movie came out and proved a big hit a sequel is on the docket for sure.

This new movie ended with Laurie Strode, her daughter (Judy Greer) and granddaughter (Andi Matichak) locking Michael Myers in a basement and setting him ablaze, and they were then driven off in the back of a truck, seemingly safe for good. But anyone who has seen any of these movies knows Michael is never gone for good, and the killer likely escaped and will continue slicing and dicing once again. Who knows where the story will go after this last movie, but we do know it was perhaps too big a hit to ignore a sequel, so we should expect one on the horizon, and hopefully Curtis is back for another round.

HALLOWEEN is on digital on December 28 and then on Blu-ray and 4K January 15.   

Source: EW



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