Jamie Lee Curtis has wrapped filming on Halloween

There are plenty of movies this year that are getting audiences all kinds of excited, including ones with a war over space stones, impossible missions and an underwater superhero. For horror fans, it’s all about the new HALLOWEEN movie, which will see the return of the ultimate Scream Queen – Jamie Lee Curtis. The actress took to social media to announce she has officially wrapped filming, bringing us one step closer to the final, gory product.

Curtis took to Instagram to make the announcement, posing with a piece of art someone gave her, and in the caption assured us we will walk away “very happy and VERY scared.”

Curtis has been documenting the movie’s production since it began, and recently teased her finals days on the set by posting a picture of three generations of Strode women, including herself, actress Judy Greer (who plays her daughter Karen) and Andi Matichak (who plays her granddaughter Allyson). The new movie will find these women going up against The Shape (Nick Castle) a.k.a. Michael Myers, who is returning after 40 years to finish the job he set out to do in the original HALLOWEEN back in 1978. Another picture Curtis posted hints Strode may be in a bit of financial trouble, and being chased by knife-wielding madman probably doesn’t help that situation. 

The movie is the brainchild of writers Danny McBride and David Gordon Green, (Green is also directing) who have assured fans the movie will go back to the roots of the John Carpenter original, focusing on tension over blood. Curtis seems excited about the project, which in turn has me excited, and now it's all about waiting for that sweet, sweet footage.

HALLOWEEN hits theaters October 19.



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