Jan de Bont returns to directing with a remake of the 1961 Johnny Cash drama Five Minutes to Live

Director (SPEED, TWISTER) and former cinematographer (DIE HARD, BASIC INSTINCT) Jan de Bont had been locked away in director jail for years now thanks to a string of very poopy films that included SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL, THE HAUNTING, and TOMB RAIDER: THE CRADLE OF LIFE. He's about to be let out though, and Deadline reports that his first film in about a decade will be a remake of the Johnny Cash-starring 1961 drama FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE.

The film, to be written by TV movie and DTV scribe Raul Inglis, will follow the original film closely as it tells the story of "two men as they execute a terrifying bank robbery. One guy holds the bank manager's wife hostage and the other tells the manager she'll be killed in five minutes unless he transfers money to an account of their choosing."

FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE is being brought to life by producers Joseph and Jack Nasser, both of whom currently have the film FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL... premiering at Sundance this year. Casting is said to be starting immediately.
Source: Deadline



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