Jane Levy joins the role Lily Collins vacated in Evil Dead remake

More casting news for THE EVIL DEAD today, as we find out that in addition to the male lead, the female lead has been cast as well.

Lily Collins had to drop out of the role of Mia due to scheduling issues, but Jane Levy, stars of the ABC series "Suburgatory" is in final talks for the role.

Now this is the real lead of the film, the "final girl" character that Ash(ley) from the original EVIL DEAD was. I'm not too familiar with Levy but it's gotta be an intense role, so we'll see if she's got it in her. Her character Mia is the whole reason for the trip to the cabin in the first place, as she recently had a drug overdose and this trip is her friends' way of helping her get clean. 

The drug angle definitely offers up many new opportunities for the film, let's hope it takes a few of them and doesn't just use it in order to discredit what Mia's experiencing.

Source: Deadline



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