January Jones doesn't look too pleased to be Emma Frost on First Class set

Matthew Vaughn went through a number of worthy candidates for Emma Frost for his FIRST CLASS X-movie including Rosamund Pike and Alice Eve, but finally decided on Mad Men's January Jones, who certainly looks the part.

Behold, from some random website comes the first shots of Jones on set "in costume" as Emma Frost. She's in all white with a giant fur hat, and I know that this was Frost's look, and maybe this reads better on camera, but I have to say she kind of looks like a fruitcake here.

Jones herself looks rather miserable in a few of the shots, but maybe she's just hungry, as evidenced by the next photo in the series where she's eating food. Hopefully, the next shots we see can be Frost in full white lingerie mode as that's the outfit we'd REALLY like to see on her.

Hit the source site for a few more pics of Jones wearing even MORE clothing. 

Extra Tidbit: JANUARY Jones is playing Emma FROST huh? Eh? Eh?
Source: Gossip Center



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