Japan is remaking Ghost?

Well at this point I'm used to America remaking any and every Japanese movie that’s ever existed, but it hardly ever works the other way around.

Paramount is planning to remake GHOST for Japanese audiences, who recently have been reluctant to see subtitled or dubbed American movies in the theaters. The studio believes that if a legitimate attempt is made to Japan-ify a movie for the audience (like that term? I made it up), then they will respond in turn.

The film already has a cast assembled with Nanako Matsushinma as Demi Moore and South Korean Song Seung Hung as her dead lover, Patrick Swayze. But who will play Whoopi Goldberg?

Expect this to spark a trend of Japanese remakes. AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER is next on the docket for Fox, and I expect other classic American titles would follow after that. I suppose we do kind of owe them after decades of stealing all their shit.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think would be the funniest film for Japan to remake?
Source: SlashfilmReuters



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