Jared Harris wants to make a poltergeist for science in the new trailer for The Quiet Ones

Most horror these days is crap, but I am still a sucker for a good old-fashioned British ghost story. Something about Hammer Horror will always hold a place in my heart. While the latest incarnation of the esteemed English production company seems to be focused more on the type of movies every other studio makes, I still hold out hope that they might deliver something classy and frightening. THE QUIET ONES could be that movie.

Starring Jared Harris, THE QUIET ONES is based on actual events (naturally) about a team of scientists (of course) and a disturbed young woman (duh) who want to try and create a poltergeist to study it. That being a brilliant idea, all hell breaks loose. Add in some creepy looking houses, some aged film with creepy children and you have me hooked.

Inspired by true events, this film follows a group of students who participate in a dangerous experiment to create a poltergeist. The students begin performing a series of tests on a young woman, pushing her to the edge. Quickly they realize they've triggered an unspeakable force more terrifying and evil than they ever could have imagined.

A lot of this footage is similar to the British trailer that dropped in October, but there is a solid minute of new scares in this version. Hopefully this movie is as good as it looks, but I will be cautious when it hits screens on April 25th.

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