Jared Leto talks his involvement in Tron 3

It took 28 years to get a sequel to TRON made, and now it seems to be taking just as long to get one made for TRON: LEGACY, but word around the grid is that a third movie is on the way. Director Joseph Kosinski has spoken about it to some degree, and now actor Jared Leto has come out saying he’s been involved in talks, and that a third entry is slowly coming to fruition.

The Oscar-winner and actor in the amazing BLADE RUNNER 2049 has been reported to be up for a role in the planned third movie – TRON: ASCENSION – and he confirmed to Collider that he has been in talks, despite the movie being in the earliest of stages:

It [the first TRON] was a huge movie for me as well and I do think there’s so much potential in that world, there so much left to be said. I’m absolutely game to try to help in any way that I can bring that to life. It’s something that we’re in discussions about and very much looking forward to bringing to reality. It’s very early days though.

A sequel was said to be in development back in 2015, but nothing has materialized since then. Back in March Kosinski said that there was a script that was about 80% done, but that Disney’s commitment to Marvel and STAR WARS movies makes it difficult to find a slot for another expensive movie like TRON. Though LEGACY didn’t exactly bomb ($400 million global off a $170 million budget), it didn’t inspire much faith in a new series of films. That Daft Punk score sure was great though, right?

I didn’t love TRON: LEGACY and felt it was quite dry for a movie that looked so spectacular. But I haven’t seen it in seven years, so maybe it warrants a revisit. Still, I’m not over the moon about the prospect of a new movie. I don't know, maybe I'm just boring. You would think light cycle battle would be enough to entertain any normal human, but I guess I'm broken. I need a cookie.

BLADE RUNNER 2049 is in theaters now.

Source: Collider



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