Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds to do a Change Up

Well, this ought to be an interesting team up.

Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds have been tapped to star in a film titled, CHANGE UP.

This film will be one amongst other films like 17 AGAIN, VICE VERSA, BIG, FREAKY FRIDAY, FACE/OFF, because it is about- you guessed it, body switching. Adult body switching.

The story centers on a responsible family man (Bateman) who switches bodies with his lazy ass best friend (Reynolds). It should be really hilarious seeing these two imitate one another.

CHANGE UP will be helmed by David Dobkin, director of WEDDING CRASHERS. HANGOVER writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore penned the script. Overall, this sounds like it could be a really great film. As of right now, most of us are just waiting for Reynolds to impress us as GREEN LANTERN and Bateman to return to his role as Michael Bluth in the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie....whenever that happens.

Extra Tidbit: I was a huge fan of VICE/VERSA. I also miss seeing Judge Reinhold in projects that I gave a crap about.
Source: THR



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