Jason Bateman says Arrested Development film still coming, not sure when

When can we get the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie?!

According to Jason Bateman...well, it'll come out sometime. MTV got Bateman talking on the red carpet for the Oscars about the film. He hopes that it might start at the end of the year, but with Mitch Hurwitz busy working on a new sitcom with Will Arnett it's only pushing it back further.

This project has been up in the air for a bit now. There's been so many issues, a lot of them due to casting returns. Michael Cera didn't seem all too interested in going back to the model home, then at the beginning of last year he changed his tune. While I miss ARRESTED and would love a movie, I can just watch the series on DVD if I need a fix.

Listen to the short chat with Bateman below:

Extra Tidbit: Quote time! Maebe: Do you guys know where I could get one of those gold T-shaped pendants? Michael: That's a cross. Maebe: Across from where?
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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