Jason Bateman says Arrested Development shoots in summer 2012

Well it's been about a month since any new Arrested Development movie rumblings, so naturally it's time for another bit of info to get you to start salivating gain.

In a UK interview for THE CHANGE-UP, Jason Bateman was obviously going to be pestered about the ARRESTED movie, but things do seem to be moving forward, as now there's actual new info on the subject other than "we hope it'll happen, it's being written."

Bateman says in all likelihood that the film will start shooting next summer in 2012, which I would think implies a winter/spring release date. He also lets slip that the script he's read has a ton of spots for surprise visitors.

"From what I understand, the concept of the film will lend itself to quite a few really good cameos, I'm going to bring my autograph book."

Now does that mean past stars that have guested will return, or will these be completely new roles? I would be careful of trying to stack the film with celebrity cameos, as we're only probably going to get 100 minutes of Arrested, and want as much of our favorite characters as possible.

Extra Tidbit: I'm worried about this film if it does happen because expectations will be stratospheric and almost impossible to live up to.
Source: Empire



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