Jason Mantzoukas, Grace Gummer & others gear up to travel The Long Dumb Road

Long road trips can sometimes be an arduous task to undergo. My advice is to arm yourself with plenty of caffeine, some good friends, and playlist or five that can carry you through the night. Today, it's been announced that Jason Mantzoukas and Grace Gummer are gearing up to cruise the winding pavement in THE LONG DUMB ROAD.

THE LONG DUMB ROAD follows the tale of two men (Mantzoukas and Revelori) that randomly meet during a time when they both find themselves at a personal crossroads and decide to join forces for an unplanned road trip across the American Southwest. While burning down the highway, the pair will have interactions with actors Ron Livingston, Casey Wilson, Ciara Bravo, Annie Lederman and Pamela Reed

Mantzoukas and Gummer will star alongside Tony Revelori (SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING) and Taissa Farmiga (WICKED CITY) for an indie comedy from director Hannah Fidell, who also happened to co-write the script for the film with SILICON VALLEY scribe Carson Mell. Fidell will also produce the film in a partnership with Jacqueline Ingram. Working with them will be Jonathan Duffy and Kelly Williams of Ten Acre Films. Mynette Louie and Alicia Van Couvering serve as executive producers, along with Julie Parker Benello, Dan Cogan, Geralyn Dreyfous, and Wendy Ettinger of Gamechanger Films, which financed the film. 

THE LONG DUMB ROAD is expected to pack its bags and head into theaters sometime in 2018.


Extra Tidbit: I recently just moved to Ontario, Canada. We were on the road for close to 15 hours, hauling all of my media along the highway with not a stereo in sight. It was brutal. My ass still hurts from bouncing in the seat for so long.



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