Jason Mewes calls Jay and Silent Bob Reboot script "amazing"

Jay and Silent Bob are returning in an all new movie – JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT – and fans of the delightfully vulgar stoners are beyond thrilled. According to a new statement from Jay himself – Jason Mewes – that excitement is well-warranted, because the script from Kevin Smith is, in his words, “amazing.”

The actor spoke with ComicBook.com before a performance at Wizard World, and the actor is thrilled with the final script and is excited to start shooting this November:

I’ve read the script, and it’s amazing and it’s super clever. It’s called Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, and it’s Jay and Bob making fun of reboots. It’s funny — a couple of people have asked me, “Are you guys even playing the characters if it’s a reboot” It’s not really a reboot, Kevin called it JAY & SILENT BOB REBOOT, and it’s us making fun of reboots, but the script’s awesome. It’s very funny.

When pressed for more information about any cast members of JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK who may be returning, Mewes tried to stay secretive, but confirmed that certain people from the 2001 flick will be returning:

I don’t know what I can talk about, what Kevin would get upset about or not get upset about. There’s definitely some fun things: a lot of the people who were in the other movies, Kevin has spoken with a bunch of people from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and people are going to come back in. There’s some more Bluntman & Chronic stuff going down. There’s a lot of fun stuff and a few new, really interesting things that I shouldn’t mention.

Some of the notable, major characters from STRIKE BACK who could return are Shannon Elizabeth (who played Jay’s love interest), Will Ferrell as the hapless cop, and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon who cameoed as themselves in the film. There were tons of cameos in the flick too, so chances are REBOOT we feature just as many.

JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKES BACK isn’t my favorite Kevin Smith movie, but the duo are so endearing I can’t help but be pumped for their return to the big screen. Smith works fast, so chances are we could see the first footage in early 2018, and we will know more about the cast when the movie nears its shoot date.

Source: ComicBook



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