Jason Momoa already thinking about Conan 2 and 3

I've currently been enjoying Jason Momoa's Khal Drogo on HBO's Game of Thrones, whose acting duties generally consist of saying two lines and having sex with the superhot Emilia Clarke (this guy must have the best agent ever), but he's about to take on a more leading role in CONAN THE BARBARIAN.

There isn't an actor alive who's as jacked as Arnold used to be, but Momoa is pretty hulking in his own right, and looks like he can get the job done in the footage we've seen so far. Talking to Empire, he touches on the magical elements of the Conan universe, or lack thereof in the film, and something no one has really mentioned yet, sequels.

"There's a lot of magic and sorcery in the Conan stories but they wanted to steer clear [of including] too much of that because of Clash Of The Titans. They have a little bit of the sorcery in there with Marique (Rose McGowan) but I'm sure in Conan 2 and 3 there's going to be a lot more of that."

With a budgets of reportedly about $110M, it seems likely that unless the movie is horrendous, it will like make that up with overseas totals and domestic earnings, it just seems strange to automatically assume every new property is at the very least a trilogy these days. But I guess that's Hollywood for you.

Extra Tidbit: Rose McGowan's in this? Nice.
Source: Empire



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