Jason Momoa will wing-suit glide his way into Brad Peyton's Just Cause film

Well, this certainly is interesting. With the rise of comic book-related films over the past few years, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood started taking the video game to film adaptation business a bit more seriously. It's been a rough road, though. For a time, everyone thought that Naughty Dog's THE LAST OF US was coming to the silver screen, but alas, that project appears to have stalled out. There's also been some talk of an UNCHARTED movie being made, though word on that project has been reduced to but a whisper in recent months. Honestly, I don't know why it's so difficult to take the core of a video game's plot and characters into theaters, though it probably has a lot to do with time, and the fact that some games can stretch into 12 hours worth of plot. Perhaps Roar Uthaug and Alicia Vikander's upcoming TOMB RAIDER film will break the curse. I sure hope so. 

Today, it's been announced that JUSTICE LEAGUE and AQUAMAN star Jason Momoa has signed on to star in a film adaptation of the popular Square Enix sandbox-action-shooter JUST CAUSE video game from director Brad Peyton (SAN ANDREAS, RAMPAGE). The film is being written by MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD scribe John Collee, and is set to tell the story of Rico Rodriguez (Momoa), who works as a not-so-subtle operative for an organization known only as the Agency. As of this moment, the plot details for the film are being kept secret, but you can bet that Rico will undoubtedly shoot a bunch of dudes in the face while simultaneously wing-suiting his way into a busy enemy compound with a backpack full of C4 in tow. At least that's how I imagine things will shake out. The game seires has a lot of personality, but it doesn't exactly break the brain-bank if you're picking up what I'm putting down.

Peyton and Jeff Fierson will produce the film via their ASAP Entertainment label, in addition to Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment, Adrian Askarieh through his banner Prime Universe Films; Eva Cao through her Supernova Entertainment; and Mason XU and Fan Dong through DNA Co. Ltd. China-based DNA will also provide financing for the film.

JUST CAUSE is a product of Square Enix and was developed by Avalanche. The latest game in the series, JUST CAUSE 3, is a good bit of fun if you enjoy glitchy over-the-top action and taking out large groups of dim-witted soldiers in entertaining and creative ways. I've played a good deal of the game, and quite enjoyed the time I spent attaching enemies to cars, dragging them along the road for a while, and then blowing them to smithereens. Hey, if you can't do it in the real world, why not in a video game, right?

Seeing as Peyton has much on his plate right now, what with the announcement of SAN ANDREAS 2, JOURNEY 3: FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON, and RAMPAGE all on the way, it might be a while before JUST CAUSE lands in theaters. But don't you fret, Momoa fans, you can catch the Dothrakian adonis as Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman in Zack Snyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE when it smashes into theaters on November 17, 2017

Extra Tidbit: Rico's wingsuit, now a fan favorite item of the series, was not introduced until Just Cause 3 hit the shelves. I have no idea how anyone got around in the franchise before that thing was implemented. Zip cords, maybe? Car theft? Motorcycle perhaps?
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