Jason Reitman finds himself a changeling for Labor Day

Jason Reitman directing Young Adult

Jason Reitman is one of those filmmakers to whom I will always give my attention and respect, even if I don't love everything he does (I'm looking at you, UP IN THE AIR).  So of course I was excited to hear about his next film, entitled LABOR DAY, and the pair of fantastic actors (Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin) that had already signed on to star.  Not to mention the plot, adapted by Reitman from Joyce Manard's novel, which intriguingly deals with "a depressed single mom (Winslet) [who] offers an escaped convict (Brolin) a ride in her car. As their relationship evolves, the action is seen through the eyes of Winslet's child."

And it is the casting Winslet's child which has been taking up Reitman's attention in these last months, though that quest looks at last to have reached a conclusion with the selection of Gattlin Griffith (THE CHANGELING, GREEN LANTERN).  He is both Reitman's top choice and currently in negotiations to join the film, meaning that maybe LABOR DAY will at last be able to move forward. 

Think it would be too presumptious to expect a Labor Day 2013 release date?

Extra Tidbit: I can't be the only one who thinks that Jason Reitman and Edgar Wright look somewhat alike. Unless I can and am. Am I?



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