Jason Reitman to direct adaptation of Kaui Hart Hemmings The Possibilities

Jason Reitman has made some interesting creative choices over the course of his career. I’ve enjoyed everything he’s done so far even the not so popular YOUNG ADULT. I thought it was a great movie with great performances—it was cringeworthy—but still good. His next, LABOR DAY an adaptation of a Joyce Maynard novel is set to release this Friday. Will it be the best to date? The premise has me intrigued especially the relationship between the characters of Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin.

Reitman seems to already have another book adaptation in the pipeline with Kaui Hart Hemmings’ THE POSSIBILITIES. Alexander Payne turned Hemmings' novel THE DESCENDANTS into a film.

Here is the premise of THE POSSIBILITIES, which will debut in novel form on May 13th :

Set in a Colorado ski town, the story follows a grieving mother struggling to overcome her son’s death. She’s visited by a strange girl with a secret that will change them both.

Normally I might be a little put off by a synopsis like that (“a secret that will change them both”? Yawn.) but Hemmings has a knack for writing characters that aren’t bland and boring.

Any of you out there fans of Hemmings?

Source: THR



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