Jason Segel will be an '80s Undercover Cop

What's next for Jason Segel after getting every celebrity on earth to be in THE MUPPETS? Well he might have well found his next project in the form of the straighforward-ly named UNDERCOVER COP.

Jason Micallef is writing the screenplay, and though specific plot details are being kept a secret, it's supposed to be about the true story of a New Jersey cop who infiltrated the world of organized crime the '80s.

Now this would normally sound like a hard, Scorsese-ish drama, but the casting of Segel would likely indicate this will be a comedy with lots of jokes about the horrific fashion and hair and that came out of that era. Although that's where I came from too, so I can't rip on it too hard.

Segel is no stranger to that decade, getting his start on Judd Apatow's Freaks and Geeks, set in early '80s Michigan, but this will surely be a different endeavor. Look for more details and possible title change on this one soon.

Extra Tidbit: He was kind of a creepster on that show, only to outdo himself in Undeclared.
Source: Risky Biz



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