Jason Statham and Brian DePalma bring the Heat!

Grungy-voiced Brit Jason Statham is teaming up with director Brian DePalma for a new adaptation of the novel HEAT by William Goldman. An earlier adaptation starred Burt Reynolds.

Here's the synopsis from the press release:

This tightly-wound, fun action-thriller, tells the story of a tough recovering gambling addict (Statham) who makes his living providing protection in the rough edges of the gambling world. Statham’s character refuses to resort to gunplay, strictly using hand and edged weapon combat. When a dear friend is brutally beaten by a high-rolling mobster, he helps her get her revenge and he ends up in more trouble than he ever imagined.

I haven't seen the Reynolds film nor have I read Goldman's novel, but this doesn't stir too much excitement. It's a perfect role for Statham if you mean Statham playing "Statham." I guess we're not really looking for him to stretch too far outside the bounds of "tough talk" and brutal beat downs, so perhaps this is just a good fit.

As for DePalma, it's been a while since he's done anything worthwhile. His last film, REDACTED, was the worst war film I've ever seen and likely will ever see. I'd love to see him return to his SCARFACE, THE UNTOUCHABLES or MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE days. There's no doubt that he has skill and Statham could benefit from working with a "high-profile" director.

This one could go either way. It may be the first time for DePalma where his star is more bankable than he is.

Extra Tidbit: What director would you like to see Statham team up with? Personally, I'd like to see him join ranks with Tony Scott for a Smokey and the Bandit remake. No, seriously.



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