Jason Statham signs on to star in untitled Kurt Wimmer action film

If you were afraid Jason Statham may not be kicking or punching an excessive amount of people in the future, you can put those fears to rest! This time around he'll be doing so under the guiding hand of Kurt Wimmer. You may remember his kick-ass film debut, EQUILIBRIUM, as well as his horrid sophomore effort, ULTRAVIOLET. Wimmer has stuck to writing screenplays since, having penned the POINT BREAK reboot, but that may change with his latest project.

Currently dubbed the UNTITLED KURT WIMMER PROJECT (original), the movie is said to be centered around an Ex-Pat Brit in Hong Kong who goes on the run with a high-level female Chinese agent to solve a kidnapping with global implications. A little RUSH HOUR-esque, but I'm willing to bet this flick will play out a little more seriously. As of now, it hasn't been said whether or not Wimmer is down to direct, but I'm more than willing to give the guy another shot. I mean, gun kata was just too much fun!

Kurt Wimmer's next written film, POINT BREAK, will be hitting theaters on December 25, 2015.

Holy hell, this movie is fun!

Source: SJ Pictures



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