Javier Bardem is officially signed on to star in The Dark Tower

This should be no surprise, but gotta give you the news anyway.

Javier Bardem has officially signed on to star as Roland Deschain in Ron Howard and Brian Grazer adaptation of Stephen King's THE DARK TOWER.

The deal is rather huge since each of the three movies in the series is to be followed by a TV miniseries that Bardem will star in. A source close to NY Post says this, "Bardem has signed on to the first movie and the miniseries, but the intention is that he will star in all three movies and each of the TV series. It's an enormous deal for any actor, but Bardem was always the first choice."

The story, "follows "Gunslinger" Deschain as he travels through an Old West-like landscape in search of the mythical Dark Tower to save civilization." Production should start on the first film this September with Howard helming.

I know many of you are okay with Bardem taking on this role. He's a great actor and obviously they really wanted him for a reason since he was the first choice. I'll just be glad when they finally start shooting the damn thing.

Extra Tidbit: Please get the casting of Susannah Dean right.
Source: NY Post



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