Jaws gets an official Blu-ray release date?!

For so long, I waited for all my favorite movies to come out on DVD and when I finally collected all of them, along came Blu-ray. And now here I am again, waiting and wondering when we'll get some classics on my current format. The one film I'm perhaps waiting on more than any other, is JAWS. And now we may be getting close.

Steven Spielberg has hinted that he's been working on a JAWS Blu-ray and The Digital Bits is reporting that Universal has set an August 14, 2012 release date. The news comes from a source and has yet to be confirmed by Universal but TDB is usually quite reliable when it comes to this sort of information. They're also reporting that some, if not all, of the film's sequels will hit Blu-ray on that same date. (Maybe even JAWS 3D in 3D Blu-ray?)

So what can we expect from the discs? The DVD features a pretty amazing retrospective on the making of the film and I wouldn't be surprised if they included that plus the recent Biography channel documentary on the making of the film. Spielberg has said he'll never do an audio commentary so I wouldn't expect that to change but what I'd love to see is having some other filmmakers who were influenced by JAWS do an audio commentary. Or, that failing, just get Moreno and Jim Law.

So are you as excited for the JAWS Blu-ray as I am? What other films are you dying to finally get on Blu-ray?



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