Jay Roach In Talks For Ben Affleck And Matt Damon's Wife Swap Film The Trade

One of the most intriguing projects coming from best friend collaborators Ben Affleck and Matt Damon has to be THE TRADE. It’s been on the table for years with Affleck and Damon even set to star at one point alongside Casey Affleck who co-wrote the script.

Today we get our first update in a while with the news that director Jay Roach has been tapped to take on this crazy story. THE TRADE is based on the 1970s baseball scandal involving the swapping of wives between New York Yankees pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich. There’s no word yet on the tone of the movie, but the material certainly lends itself to go either way. I’m hoping for a drama personally because I can already see the unfunny trailers playing in my head and it makes me sad all day. The puns alone would be maddening; the word strike, the second base entendre - no thank you.

Affleck who is devoted to BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN and the JUSTICE LEAGUE (back-to-back) for the next two years will no longer be starring, but will executive produce with Damon. Jay Roach has his share of comedies under his belt (THE CAMPAIGN, DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS, MEET THE PARENTS, AUSTIN POWERS) and has also worked on some good dramas for HBO including RECOUNT and GAME CHANGE. So with that being said, I believe he could pull off a very entertaining drama with this material but also might be able to make a comedy work as well if he was so inclined. The ball is certainly in your court Mr. Roach (I said what I said).

What’s your favorite Affleck and Damon pairing? Mine would be GOOD WILL HUNTING.

Source: Variety



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