Jean-Claude Van Damme's villain in The Expendables 2 has a very cool Tumblr?

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In THE EXPENDABLES 2, Jean-Claude Van Damme is playing the villain. More specifically, in THE EXPENDABLES 2 Jean-Claude Van Damme is playing a character named Jean Vilain. Because of course he iss, and that's kind of awesome. And as a part of that awesomeness Jean Vilain has set himself up a Tumblr, as any self-respecting villain would do in this day and age. You've got to get your message out to the people if you want a certain team of badasses dead, and that's exactly what Vilain is looking to do with Track 'Em Find 'Em Kill 'Em.

Self-described as "a field guide to the destruction of The Expendables," Vilain's Tumblr features sound clips, photos, profiles, a Chuck Norris GIF, and more.  There actually isn't a whole lot of information to be found just yet, but that will obviously change as we draw closer to the movie's release date.  Until then, here are a few examples of the general villainous goodness to be found therein:

"The process for engaging [a grenade] can be narrowed down to three simple steps:
1.) Pull the pin.
2) Throw it at an enemy far away from at least 15 ft.
3.) Enjoy the spectacle as your foe explodes.
It is important you follow this order specifically, if you value your limbs."

Pretty simple instructions.  I can dig it.  And then, if you click on "mission," there's this bit:

"The Old Ways are dying and Respect must be taught. The Tuition will be blood in the dirt.
There is no direct translation of the word “Expendable” in the German language.
The word that comes closest is “überflüssig”. It means Useless.
And what do you do with something useless?
You dispose of it.
Kill First

Well you can kill first come August 17th.  And don't worry - Ifeel like even if you're on the side of The Expendables, "kill first" is still a good rule to go by.

JCVD EX2 Tumblr pic

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of "tracking" and "finding," did you ever see THE HUNTED with Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro? Because that is an awesome movie with some really brutal and impressive knife work.



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