Jean-Claude Van Johnson gets new teaser trailer

I remember when JEAN-CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON first appeared as a pilot Amazon Prime let you vote on, and thinking it was alright. I thought the beginning - with sadsack Jean-Claude Van Damme - moping around his house was extremely funny, while a lot of the Hollywood parody stuff (like the ridiculous Huckleberry Finn action film he found himself in) was a little too on the nose. As for the action bits, I thought they were hit-and-miss, and always best when JVCD was the butt of the jokes. He actually has pretty good comic timing!

Having said all that, I think the premise has promise (say that five times fast), and seeing JVCD both play a fictionalized version of himself in increasingly crazy movie spoofs, plus action-comedy bits in-between could be a lot of fun. Let's just hope Amazon doesn't squander that potential!

img src="/newsimages1/jvvj-t2-fb2.jpg" alt="" title="" />

So you guys excited for JEAN-CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON? Either way, sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: So what's your Schmoes' favorite JVCD film? And why is it STREET FIGHTER?
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