Jean Dujardin meets Inception in this teaser for Mobius

Oscar winner Jean Dujardin is known primarily for comedic roles in France, but his brilliant turn in THE ARTIST gave him the credibility to do whatever projects he wants. One of those that breaks his funny mold is this thriller from director Eric Rochant.

MOBIUS looks like it is at least partially in English with a few recognizable character actors from the States. Tim Roth plays a big role while Dujardin and Cecile De France take the leads. The plot is hard to determine from this clip, but it is said to be set in the world of high finance and follows an FSB officer who falls in love with his agent, an American woman who works as a trader in a Russian bank.

As you can tell from the way this is cut, they are clearly copying the sounds and visuals from the INCEPTION trailer. I mean, the display of the movie title doesn't even try to hide the blatant imitation. That being said, this is enough to intrigue me. The movie may not make much noise if not for the INCEPTION comparison, so it remains to be seen if the movie is any good.

The poster proclaims a February 27. 2013 release date, which is obviously for France. No word on when we may see this in North America.

Source: The Film Stage



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