Jeff Wadlow to direct Fantasy Island movie for Blumhouse

"We have to go back, Tattoo! We have to go back!" Actually, that might be the wrong island, but we could soon be returning to Fantasy Island as Deadline has reported that a feature film is being developed based on the long-running series which starred Ricardo Montalbán and Hervé Villechaize. The ABC series found Montalbán playing Mr. Roarke, a mysterious man who granted the fantasies of visitors to the titular island for a price, with Villechaize playing Tattoo, Mr. Roake's assistant.

Blumhouse and Sony Pictures will be teaming up for the FANTASY ISLAND film, which will be directed by Jeff Wadlow. The director's last film for Blumhouse was TRUTH OR DARE, which despite receiving mostly negative reviews upon its release did prove to be a box-office success thanks to its small budget. Wadlow will also be penning the script for FANTASY ISLAND alongside TRUTH OR DARE's Chris Roach and Jillian Jacobs, and will serve as executive producer as well. Although I've always been a big fan of Ricardo Montalbán, I've never actually seen an episode of Fantasy Island, but from what I can tell, it seemed to contain its fair share of 80s' cheese but also wasn't afraid to deal with dark themes or the supernatural. I could certainly see Blumhouse taking the project in a much darker direction, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

Source: Deadline



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