Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins in Solace

Solace Main Cast

When we first received news about the serial-killer thriller SOLACE it sounded pretty generic and run of the mill. The only things about the film that piqued my interest was the casting of Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell, and director Afonso Poyart had some interesting visuals in his film TWO RABBITS.

THR has a casting update as well as a different synopsis that may make the film a little bit more interesting. First off, the always excellent Jeffrey Dean Morgan (WATCHMEN, THE LOSERS) has signed on to play a F.B.I. agent who convinces a retired doctor (Hopkins) to help him hunt down a serial-killer (Farrell.)

Those of you who had made comments before about SOLACE sharing some roots with the aborted SE7EN sequel plot (Morgan Freeman becoming a psychic and helping the F.B.I. solve crimes), you were correct in assuming that Anthony Hopkins will have some clairvoyant powers to help him track down the killer. But it looks like Colin Farrell is going to have his own gift too:

The story centers on a former doctor with psychic abilities (Hopkins) who is drawn into a serial-killer case, only to find that the killer (Farrell) is a psychic as well -- so the two men can detect each other's moves.

That's right...it's a psychic battle!

Look, the plot sounds a little ridiculous but there are far worse gimmicky sounding plot devices that have been used in thrillers. SOLACE has three very good actors and Poyart might be able to add enough of his own flair to the screen to make this a solid movie. For me, that's enough to keep an eye on the film and I'm very interested in seeing the first trailer for the film.

Filming for SOLACE is set to start May 20 in Detroit.

Extra Tidbit: Colin Farrell has played villains before, but not to this degree. Anyone else excited in seeing him getting down and dirty as a serial-killer?



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