Jenna Fischer, Topher Grace, and Malin Akerman find The Giant Mechanical Man

I know what the world needs more of...

Jenna Fischer!

Well then it's definitely a good thing that she's starring in a new film titled, THE GIANT MECHANICAL MAN. The screenplay was written by Fischer's husband, Lee Kirk. It's the story of, "an offbeat romantic comedy about two outsiders -- a misunderstood street performer and the soft spoken zoo worker who falls for him."

Fischer will play the zoo worker with AWAY WE GO's Chris Messina taking on the role of the street performer. Malin Akerman and Topher Grace are co-starring. Kirk will be on double duty as he is directing the film as well. Fischer will produce alongside Molly Hassell (VAMPS, EDMOND), Michael Nardelli and Brent Stiefel (GRASSROOTS). Hassell said this about the project, “There are so many great projects out there which never make it to the silver screen. We’re thrilled that this indie film, which is a completely unique and interesting story gets to be told.”

If you need Fischer now, you can check her out in the trailer for HALL PASS.

Extra Tidbit: Topher Grace will always be Eric Foreman. I would have never in a million years chose him for Eddie Brock/Venom.
Source: JoBlo.com



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