Jennifer Connelly in early talks to join Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

I'm always down for more of Jennifer Connelly in, well, anything, and the actress is in early negotiations to join Tom Cruise in TOP GUN: MAVERICK, which is set to resume production in San Diego in September. Should Jennifer Connelly board the film, she would be playing the movie's female lead, a single mother who runs a local bar near the Navy base.

The TOP GUN sequel is slated to be helmed by Joseph Kosinski, and the director has shown a preference for choosing actors he's worked with before, as demonstrated by Miles Teller snagging the role of Goose's son earlier this month. Teller starred in Kosinski's previous film, ONLY THE BRAVE, which also included Jennifer Connelly among its large cast. The sequel will find Tom Cruise serving as a mentor to a new generation of U.S. Navy fighter pilots, while also supposedly tackling issues relating to drone warfare. Cruise has teased that like the first film, the sequel will be a competition film, but with a progression for the character of Maverick. Val Kilmer will also be returning to reprise his role of Iceman. Jennifer Connelly will next be seen in Robert Rodriguez's ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL on December 21, 2018.

TOP GUN: MAVERICK is set for a July 12, 2019 release.

Source: Deadline



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