Jennifer Garner will be Agatha Christie's young Miss Marple

Remember in Arrested Development when Maebe Funke, the teenage studio executive had the bright idea to remake THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA as THE YOUNG MAN AND THE BEACH starring Jude Law?

Well something similar is happening with the Agatha Christie mystery series MISS MARPLE. Previously, Marple was an elderly woman who lived in England and solved mysteries as a hobby. Now, she's Jennifer freaking Garner. 

Garner and her Vandalia Films partner Juliana Janes are producing, and I'm not quite sure just how drastically the plot is going to have to change. I guess maybe instead of a lonely retired spinster, she'll be a bored-during-the-day housewife or something?

Garner will be next seen in Arthur, where despite her hotness, Russell Brand's character avoids her like the plague. Even though this new MARPLE is a "young take" on the role, Garner is actually almost 39. Is it just me, or has science and make-up progressed to the point where actors and actresses look 27 until they're 45 these days?

Extra Tidbit: So, when are we remaking GRAN TORINO starring Alex Pettyfer?
Source: Deadline



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