Jeremy Renner talks Matt Damon's return to Bourne and a possible crossover

jeremy renner bourne legacy

A few weeks ago we learned that Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass are reuniting for another Bourne movie; and when the confetti cleared many wondered what would come of the other Bourne franchise starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross. Now Renner has opened up on what he thinks about Damon’s return and what might happen with the franchise. It’s important to note that the sequel to THE BOURNE LEGACY was never shelved, just postponed, as Damon and Greengrass’s next installment was given the coveted summer 2016 release.

Jeremy Renner recently talked to HuffPost Entertainment about the Bourne changes and the possibility of Renner's character appearing opposite Jason Bourne.  Simply, Renner is all for it and shows nothing but class when talking about the news.

"I think Cross’ character is already going to continue to be active. I think it will take creatives to bring them together, which is what I think is ultimately the plan."

When asked about a potential team-up, Renner says:

"I love the idea of Greengrass and Damon, or whatever it might be, let them be adversaries, let them become buddies, whatever the heck it might be, them coming together would be a pretty tremendous thing."

He’s absolutely right about that; it would be huge event to have these two characters come together. It’s inevitable that they would of course have to hate each other first or have some misunderstanding so they can fight each other in a small room. Regardless of Damon’s upcoming Bourne getting the attention these days, Renner is as optimistic as fans should be I think.

Would you like to see these two cross paths?

Source: huffingtonpost



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