Jeremy Saulnier casts Jeffrey Wright & Alexander Skarsgard for Hold the Dark

Director Jeremy Saulnier has already made a serious name for himself with the likes of BLUE RUIN and GREEN ROOM, and from the sound of it, his next film will be just as gripping. HOLD THE DARK, adapted from the book of the same name, follows a wolf-expert and biologist who is called in on account of wolves attacking and killing children, only to find himself entangled in some serious shit when a father, home from Iraq, goes maniacal after learning of his son's disappearance. Sounds right up Saulnier's alley and he's already put some of the cast together which includes Jeffrey Wright (the biologist) and Alexander Skarsgard (the maniac), as well as Riley Keough, James Badge Dale and James Bloor.

I've always enjoyed Jeffrey Wright's work, and Westworld finally gave him the chance to really shine. I think he's the perfect actor to head up the cast of a Saulnier flick. The film is set to start shooting this March in Canada, and Netflix has already picked it up for their channel. As much as I love Netflix giving Saulnier some love, I'd really prefer to see this film in cinemas. Here's hoping for a limited theatrical release!

HOLD THE DARK will start filming in March.



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