Jersey Girl casting call?

While this hasn't been confirmed by Kevin Smith or his production crew, a reported casting call for the title role in JERSEY GIRL has apparently been leaked.  Here the paragraph describing "Gertie":

Gertie (6 years old - can be older to play younger). The precocious and entirely lovable daughter of Ollie (Ben Affleck). Like her mother, she is down to earth, clever, and a huge fan of the musical Sweeney Todd. While Gertie is able to manipulate Ollie with the finesse of an adult, she is ultimately Daddy's little girl. Please submit Latina and Caucasian actresses.

It sounds like someone might be pulling chains here but for all I know it could also be entirely true.  While this doesn't sound exactly...promising...remember that this is just a casting call and not an official plot synopsis.  Someone in a casting agency wrote this not thinking the public would be reading it and judging the film on it.  It does make me tremor with CURLY SUE flashbacks but c'mon - it's Kevin Smith.  He wouldn't steer us wrong would he?

Source: Film Jerk
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