Jesse Eisenberg files lawsuit hoping to bury B-movie Camp Hell

Once upon a time, before he was an Oscar-nominated actor, Jesse Eisenberg starred in the schlocky horror movie CAMP HELL. It was a favor to some friends and the actor worked one day on the film for $3000. Cut to two years later, Eisenberg has found himself with a bit more name recognition and now Lionsgate is looking to capitalize by splashing his face on the cover of the DVD and naming him the star. Not cool, says Eisenberg.

The actor has filed suit in Los Angeles County Court asking for a permanent injunction on the DVD release of the film as well as $3 million in punitive damages. Whoa. (If it sounds excessive, the suit was filed by attorney Martin Singer, who has a reputation in Hollywood as "Mad Dog Marty.")

Eisenberg isn't looking to stop CAMP HELL from ever seeing release, just perhaps a little peeved that his image and name are being used to sell a movie he appears in for less than five minutes. (And also because it's shit like CAMP HELL, which makes him look bad.) I mean why not market Andrew McCarthy? He is was a big star...

Whether Eisenberg has a case or not remains to be seen but I'm sure Lionsgate would rather settle the case, bury this crappy movie and call it a day.

Source: E! Online



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