Jessica Chastain goes all-in for Molly's Game trailer

Yesterday a teaser for the upcoming MOLLY'S GAME dropped, and as promised the full trailer is here for your viewing pleasure. Jessica Chastain's commanding presence and writer/director Aaron Sorkin's trademark brand of repartee are on full display as they bring the story Molly Bloom's ascension from 26-year-old bookkeeper to poker kingpin to the big screen. Time to ante up, fools.

Here are some pics from the film:

Chastain looks just as in-charge as always and if SOCIAL NETWORK and STEVE JOBS proved anything it's that Sorkin is always able to pinpoint the most interesting events in a person's life, condense them, reshape them if necessary, and turn them into cinematic gold. Overall the trailer teases an energetic, well-acted film that showcases its star's best traits while hinting Sorkin could be just as successful at directing as he is having people "walk and talk."

The movie will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival, so stay tuned for our review when it becomes available!

MOLLY'S GAME hits theaters November 22.

Source: STX



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