Jim Broadbent reveals the character he's playing on Game of Thrones!

Having been in both HARRY POTTER and CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, Jim Broadbent can now add GAME OF THRONES to his fantasy series Bingo card. But while he played a wizard and Professor in the other two series, respectively, who will he playing in the HBO series about "tits 'n dragons"?

Well, while doing an interview with ScreenCrush for another project (the drama THE SENSE OF AN ENDING), Jim Broadbent revealed who he is playing on GAME OF THRONES. So if you don't want to find out this is you LAST CHANCE FOR SPOILERS!!!

Anyway, this is what he said:

I’m a maester, an archmaester. I’m an old professor character.

Hmmm...it seems like he'll be playing Maester Marwyn, or a character who will fill that role. To be fair, that was what many people speculated he'd be playing, but it's still nice to have confirmation nonetheless. Broadbent also went on to say that he is in five (of the seven) episodes this upcoming season, and has many scenes with Samwell Tarley (John Bradley). He also said he never filmed on location, so it seems likely he won't be in any action outside the Citadel itself. 

This is exciting news! If for no other reason than MORE GAME OF THRONES! FUCK YEAH!

No solid release date yet, but if Liam Cunningham is to be believed, it should be around July. I can't wait!

Extra Tidbit: My favorite character is still Tyrion.
Source: ScreenCrush



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