Jim Carrey proves magic is real by surprising Jeff Daniels on Conan

DUMB AND DUMBER is one of the most iconic comedies of the last 30 years, if not all of movie history. Jim Carrey, the legendary comedic talent who immerses himself into ridiculous characters, and Jeff Daniels, an actor known for his dramatic work, made an unlikely comedic pairing that created a bond that felt more genuine than most of the human relationships we've all experienced. The two are brilliant together, even when it’s unscripted, much like when Carrey surprised Daniels while the latter was promoting his new show THE LOOMING TOWER on CONAN.

The stage is set when Conan begins talking about DUMB with Daniels, who began says very nice things about Carrey. The audience then erupts when Carrey makes a surprising appearance, leading the two to have a glorious bromance moment. What’s better is that Carrey stayed so the two could talk DUMB over the course of about six minutes. The best part is when the two talk about the sequel, DUMB AND DUMBER TO, with Carrey saying, “Okay, it wasn’t as well-received,” with Daniels immediately saying, “F**k them!” Oh, what magic these two create!

Catch Jeff Daniels in THE LOOMING TOWER on Hulu now!

Source: Conan



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