Jim Henson biopic

The Empire Film Group has acquired the rights to a script called HENSON, by Robert D. Slane, about acclaimed entertainer Jim Henson, homeboy behind The Muppets and Sesame Street. He also made THE DARK CRYSTAL, which thoroughly, thoroughly messed me up for a while when I was a kid. "This is a major project about an entertainer of legendary stature and worldwide acclaim," said Dean Hamilton-Bornstein, CEO of Empire Film Group. "The script is superb and should provide a terrific roadmap for a completed film that will satisfy both mainstream audiences and critics. We're very excited about this acquisition and the commercial caliber of this project." There've been no major developments on this yet, save for the announcement of a $30 million budget and the seeking of a major director. I'll keep you abreast on developments on this thing as they happen. Unless they involve the Skeksis, in which case I'll leave it to someone else. Those guys freak me out.
Extra Tidbit: There is actually a sequel to THE DARK CRYSTAL in the works with director Genndy Tartakovsky attached.
Source: ComingSoon



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