Jimmi Simpson confirms his trip back to Westworld for Season 2

While it was definitely a question as to whether or not Jimmi Simpson, who plays William on HBO's WESTWORLD, would return for the show's sophomore season, the actor has recently confirmed that he's set to vacation in Sweetwater, once again, when Season 2 pulls into the station.

When talking to reporters covering the Television Critics Association’s press tour in Pasadena on Tuesday, Simpson said, “I mean, yeah, I pop in,” in regard to his Season 2 return. “I wish there was exploration between the time when Williams’ heart was broken and we see the result. I want to know how much it takes and how hard he tried to not go there. But I don’t write the story,” Simpson added.

While I'm doing my best to avoid spoilers here, we have no way of knowing the manner in which William will contribute to to the program's second round of robot-related horror. The engineers that work at Westworld are capable of building remarkable things, and it could be that someone's been busy building an A.I. in William's image. Or, we could be looking at some time-honored flashback sequences, folks. However it shakes out, Simpson is on board for when WESTWORLD is expected to return this Spring. No officiall start date has been released at this time.

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