Jimmy Kimmel gives his version of the events of Oscar's Best Picture debacle

Jimmy Kimmel Oscars 2017

I doubt that I need to dive into the events of this past weekend as just about everyone has already had their say, but the 89th Academy Awards certainly ended on a memorable note when LA LA LAND was mistakenly announced as Best Picture. After several speeches from the producers of LA LA LAND, it was revealed that MOONLIGHT was the actual recipient of the award. We've already covered the specifics of just what happened, but Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel shared his own perspective on the events during his monologue for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Check it out.

It remains to be seen what the fallout of this mistake will mean for PricewaterhouseCoopers, the company responsible for tabulating the results, preparing the envelopes and handing them to presenters, but I'd imagine that we'll be talking about this for quite some time. Jimmy Kimmel didn't reveal much beyond what we already know, but he did say that the original ending planned for the ceremony would have had him seated in the audience next to Matt Damon, who, as Kimmel reminds us, was the true loser of Oscar night.



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