Jimmy Kimmel will host the 89th Academy Awards

The Oscars is an event filled with stars, glamor and more gold than the Trump White House. But after the movies themselves the most important aspect of the event is the host, and we finally know who will be taking on the upcoming broadcast:  JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! host, Bonnie Hunt! Wait that’s not right. Oh, how silly of me, it’s Jimmy Kimmel! You can understand my confusion, though.

Kimmel, who also hosted the Emmy awards this year, will take over the job from Chris Rock who hosted this year’s awards, taking the reins from Neil Patrick Harris from 2015. This will be Kimmel’s first time hosting the show, but has a tradition of putting on a post-Oscars special right after the ceremony which is filled with stars and laughs for all.

The news comes much later than usual, as the host is usually announced towards the beginning of the fall, with the choice being booked almost a year in advance. However, sources say the producers sought out other possible hosts, like Ellen DeGeneres or Tina Fey, to no avail. Though Kimmel was not a "last minute" choice, he does host his late-night show on ABC (which broadcasts the Oscars), so that made him a safe, reliable choice for the job, especially as the deadline neared.

“Safe” and “reliable” are the most apt words I can use, as that’s exactly what we can expect from him as host. Kimmel has years of experience but isn’t known for the kind of biting political commentary Rock was able to bring to the last show, which was refreshing and relevant. With Kimmel we will have our fair share of celebrity cracks and political jokes, but nothing that will push any buttons, which is probably what the Academy wants. Academy CEO Dawn Hudson had this to say:

The Oscars are in great hands with Jimmy. He is razor sharp, funny, and unpredictable, and has proven himself a master of live event television, which is perfect for our audience around the world.

Overall I think the man will do a solid job. He’s quick, funny, and there will no doubt be at least one glorious moment thanks to a Kimmel-Matt Damon confrontation. He better bring his A-game, though, as the host’s job is often more memorable than which movies win what. The biggest moment from the 2014 ceremony wasn’t the incredible 12 YEARS A SLAVE trumping the tremendous GRAVITY, but DeGeneres doing a star-studded version of what teen girls do in the bathroom. And is it even possible to remember THE KING’S SPEECH beating THE SOCIAL NETWORK when the world was crumbling at the hands of James Franco and Anne Hathaway? Detroit still hasn't fully recovered!

The 89th Academy Awards will be held February 26, and stay tuned for all your Oscar updates and awards-related contests here!

Source: Deadline



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