J.K. Simmons wraps on Justice League; praises Zack Snyder's "fun" set

J.K. Simmons Justice League Zack Snyder

When it comes to my feelings on Zack Snyder's BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, I probably fall somewhere in between; I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. Despite those lukewarm feelings, I am looking forward to JUSTICE LEAGUE as it seems that those involved are aware that they need to give us something more this time around. One surefire way to do that is to include J.K. Simmons in your sprawling cast as Commissioner Gordon. The WHIPLASH actor recently told Entertainment Tonight that he had wrapped up work on the film but that there's still much for the rest of the heroes to do.

My part is done. They are filming that for basically most of 2016, so some of the superheroes are still at work in jolly old London, but I'm back home with my family.

Unfortunately JUSTICE LEAGUE won't feature nearly as much Simmons as we would hope as the film will merely serve as J.K. Simmons' introduction to the DCEU; naturally, most of his scenes will be shared with Ben Affleck.

Yeah, mostly with Ben. In this first installment of the Justice League, Commissioner Gordon is not a particularly sizable part. We just kind of introduce him and see a little bit of his interactions with Batman -- and with most of the Justice League. That was a really fun set. Zack [Snyder] runs sort of a big, happy family and it's obviously, in many ways, a very different work environment when you're working on a big, giant movie like that than a relatively small movie like The Meddler. But at the end of the day, the director is the one who sets the tone. And one of the things that Zack and Lorene [Scafaria] have in common is they're just nice, smart, competent, fun people that you don't mind spending a 12-hour day with.

Although Simmons has been in the game for a while, his Academy Award win for WHIPLASH has definitely opened up a few more doors, but there's still one role that he'd love to play, a villain. Simmons said that "one thing I'd like to do just for fun would be a full-on bad guy in...whatever. In a Bourne movie! Or some big action movie. Just to have something fun like that to sink my teeth into in a popcorn movie." If you remember J.K. Simmons' work on HBO's Oz, you know that he can do bad very well.

JUSTICE LEAGUE hits theaters on November 4, 2017.



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