JoBlo does FaceBook!

It seems like only yesterday that JoBlo was "doing MySpace", but now "the kids" tell me that there's this new community on the Internets called "Facebook" which much like its predecessor allows regular Joes and Janes like you and me, to create a profile page of our own, whilst gathering our "friends" so that they can know what we are doing every single minute of every day. Yesterday, one of my friends was "Bored at work", while another was "Gonna go home and relax tonight"...and I knew about it. Awesome!!!

Smart aleck comments aside, I actually do like Facebook (at least more than the monstrosity that is MySpace) because it allowed me to get back in touch with all those friends that I'd lost touch with over the years (apparently most of them were too old for MySpace, so we never hooked up). Again, it's nice to see that almost all of my friends are married with kids, while I'm still banging shit out on my keyboard, working Lavalife like a bitch in heat and looking to adopt kids. Sigh.

All that to say, we finally got a JOBLO GROUP going on Facebook, so if you don't get enough JoBlo stuff on this site, maybe you can hook up with some schmoes over there and...well, talk about movies and our site, I suppose. Actually, I'm not really sure WHY you would join that group if you're already a member of our site, but if you care to...it's there for you. The group itself won't really contain anything our site does not, but it does feature some "personal pictures" of the JoBlo staff from the Comic Con last year, as well as some videos which...again, you can surely find on our site somewhere (for example, one my faves, our JOBLO VIDEO MONTAGE).

Oh and for anyone who gives a shit, you can find my personal Facebook profile RIGHT HERE (and yes, it includes pictures of me trying to look cool, etc...). Enjoy.

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