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Note: With the release of ROCKY BALBOA in theaters today, we thought we'd re-publish the Arrow's awesome trip to Philly earlier this year, when the city dedicated Rocky's statue with Stallone in attendance. Enjoy!


You bet I was in there! This was my shot to shake the man's hand or get a pic with him. But at the same time, I didn't have it in me to go "take no prisoners fanboy" on the guy, it's just not my style. So I didn't push too much, called out obscure Sly movies to get his attention, but no hand shaking or pic materialized for me. That said, I did get real close to the dude, as you can see on the pic below. That was enough for me. It's not everyday that you stand inches away from a man who inspired you throughout your evolution and still does to this day. It was a great moment for me.

This picture is already framed and on my wall! LOL!

I'm in Stallone fanboy heaven!

Once the ceremony over, there was a live band and an outdoor screening of the original ROCKY, but us "press" could not partake in that since we had to rush over to the fancy "Water Works" restaurant where Stallone was giving a brief press conference. It was a suit and tie thing. I didn't know it was gonna be one. I was wearing flip-flops and a baseball cap. Let's just say...I had trouble.

Not from the event organizers who let me in, but from the a-hole-ish security who once in, kicked me out. Luckily, I brought the name and phone number of the MGM dude who wanted me there. That eventually shut everybody up and I got in...for good. People man...people. Anyway, once there, not much new info was revealed, but Stallone did make an interesting remark about the upcoming ROCKY BALBOA.

Stallone talking shop at the posh "Water Works" restaurant

And I paraphrase: It echoes the first film in the sense that with Adrian, his soul mate, now gone, Rocky just lumbers through life, dead inside. This "exhibition fight" that he's offered gives him a chance at a new purpose, and maybe a way to get on with his new life without his partner.

Stallone went on to say that the film is a celebration of the positive aspects of the sport of boxing. Sound promising to me! I'm confident that ROCKY BALBOA will make up for the lackluster Rocky 5. Then again, I'm biased...I actually still kind of like Rocky 5!

"My ring's outside." Yeah, bitch!

Hero Thrill Show/Wachovia Spectrum

Where they dumped the statue after removing it from the Museum

The next day we hit up the Hero Thrill Show which took place in the vast parking lot of the Wachovia Spectrum. There was a car show, a live band and more importantly...the Philadelphia Police Department, Motorcycle Drill Team, Fire Department and Crime Scene Investigators, all on hand to display their performances, techniques and fly equipment.

Greatest car ever...

The water is from a "glacier" near a "volcano". Great f*cking water!

No need for a SWAT team...JoBlo.com is here!

I thought that was a swell idea, a way for citizens to not only learn more, but also to talk and get closer to the people who are covering their backs every day (I'm talking about the good cops, not the ones that give you a ticket for spitting on the street to fill their quota while somebody out there is getting raped). I personally spoke to several police officers, members of the SWAT team and CSI dudes and got lots out of it!

Every city should have an event like this to promote positive relations between its people and its law enforcement divisions, but that's just me yapping. With that said, I was there first and foremost to see Stallone on his last day in Philly and he finally showed up on a Police Motorcycle alongside countless policemen.

Sly is the first guy on the bike from the left

Sly reveals himself and starts glad-handing!

He then hopped on the stage with "Hero thrill Show" organizer Jimmy Binns, and thanked everybody that helped make the "Philly loves Rocky" week possible. Finally, Binns honored Stallone and thanked him for not only showing up for the many festivities, but for also attending the "Plaque Dedications" of deceased Police Officers and one Fireman. Finally, Stallone left the premises (was that Frank Stallone next to him? You bet it was!) and the festivities continued. They ended for me though as I booked out shortly thereafter to chow down on some grub (Philly Steak Sandwich baby, can't go wrong!) and a couple of drinks.

In closing, it was a wonderful 4 days for this Stallone and Rocky nut. I've always wanted to go to Philly to pay Rocky tribute and what better way for it to finally happen! Not only did I get to witness the statue dedication and get to be near my childhood idol, but I also got to spend great times in the gorgeous city that is Philadelphia. Striking architecture, lots of history and finer than red wine women, the city was mint. THANK YOU JOBLO.COM!

Now I know what you're thinking: was he one of those a-holes who ran up the Rocky steps and jumped up and down on top like Rocky did in the movie? The answer resides below.




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