Exclusive: New trailer released for quirky indie comedy Odd Brodsky

ODD BRODSKY is a fun, quirky indie comedy from director Cindy Baer and star Tegan Ashton Cohan. It's the winner of 20 film festival awards, an official selection of 29 film festivals, and included on "Best Films of the Year" lists for Rogue Cinema and The Reel Critic. Now JoBlo has the exclusive on the new trailer for the film! Check it out below!

Looks like it could be fun. The main actress, Tegan Ashton Cohan, definitely has charm and charisma, and the production design is refreshingly colorful and whimsical without being cloying. Also, while not everyone travels to LA to become a star, the reality of following your dreams while being crushed by the daily grind is a universal and relatable one. Here's the official synopsis:

ODD BRODSKY stars Tegan Ashton Cohan as Audrey Brodsky, a lovable loser who quits her steady desk job to follow her dream of becoming an Actress. Fueled by a grave-side promise to become an actress. Audrey moves from Hollywood, Iowa to Hollywood, California and finds great success... working 40 hours a week at an office job she hates. Ten years pass in the blink of an eye when Audrey finally decides to reclaim her childhood dream. When she meets an aspiring camera man on the internet the adventure of her life begins.

While the film wrapped in 2014, it will be making its US debut on VOD November 29th, 2016.

Extra Tidbit: ODD BRODSKY marks the second feature film from director Cindy Baer.
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