JoBlo financed film The Shelter at Cannes Saturday + Michael Pare featurette

We're all pretty stoked in the JoBlo offices as our first official full-length film production, entitled THE SHELTER (written and directed by our very own John Fallon aka the Arrow from Arrow in the Head) is at the Cannes Film Festival as we speak, ready for its official buyer's screening tomorrow afternoon, Saturday May 16th at 4pm at the GRAY 3 Theatre. Now that the film is "in the can" as they say, we are looking to sell it in different territories around the world, so if you're a buyer or a distributor (or know anyone who is) and might be interested in the film or the screening, please contact our reps at DC MEDIAS via email at this link or just swing by their booth in Cannes if you happen to be there this weekend. They are located in the RIVIERA 24 booth, ready for any questions or distribution discussions.

As most of you may already know by now, the psychological mind-f*ck with horror elements stars Michael Pare and was shot in the great state of Louisiana. For more background info on the film, click here or check out the film's final trailer right here. Arrow in the Head recently posted a small clip from a featurette from the film featuring Pare answering the question about whether or not the film he percieved the film to be a "horror movie". Godspeed!

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