JoBlo Movie Network's new additions: Videogame Release Dates! Updated Theatrical Releases, Movie Database, Trailers & Videos! And our brand new app!

Since I started JoBlo.com back in 1998, I've made sure to keep up with all the changes happening in both the movie industry and the Internet, and 2013 was no different as we continued to integrate fresh updates into the JoBlo Movie Network in order to remain popular and relevant to online movie fans for years to come. Most recently, we've added a brand new section entitled VIDEO GAMES which is essentially a lot like our DVD/BLU-RAY RELEASE DATES section only instead of showing release dates for upcoming movies, it does so for video games which many in our audience also enjoy. We hope that you like this new addition and check it out regularly as we update it into the future.

It's to note that we have a free "app" for our DVD/BLU-RAY RELEASE DATES as well, which recently upgraded to Version 2.0 with the addition of our THEATRICAL RELEASE DATES to it. Needless to say, we'll be adding our new VIDEO GAMES RELEASE DATES to it upon our next update, which will hopefully turn our "app" into the #1 RELEASE DATES app on iTunes. And if you like it, please review/rate it!

The other sections that we've recently revamped on the JoBlo Movie Network include our THEATRICAL RELEASE DATES section which has become a lot easier to follow, with releases marked as "wide" or "limited", along with links to the films' database page on our site, the latest reviews for each film and its respective one-sheets. Our MOVIE DATABASE section of the site was also relatively revamped with each entry now showcasing a lot more visuals including all of the latest articles about the film in question, the latest images and latest videos, as well as all of the film's related posters. You can also get all of the basic info about the film including cast & crew, release date, official site and plot outline. Here's an example of what each entry looks like now.

It's to note that our JOBLO MOVIE DATABASE features all films released between 1980 - 2016 (and onwards) and well as an updated monthly section called MOST POPULAR which basically counts down the top 20 most popular films on our network that specific month. Further down the portal page of the JOBLO MOVIE DATABASE is a section called LATEST MOVIE DATABASE UPDATES which showcases the latest (and greatest) changes in our database every day (new images, posters, trailers, release date changes), followed by a section that is self-explanatory: LATEST MOVIES ADDED TO THE JOBLO MOVIE DATABASE.

Finally, we updated our JOBLO VIDEOS section a while back but it's to note that our TRAILERS section has now been fully intrgrated into our JOBLO VIDEOS section, which means that it's now our one-stop section for anything related to videos on our site. Our JOBLO VIDEOS section now hosts over 19,800 videos and will continue to add between 20-30 videos every single day.

And if you want to see the latest trailers in high resolution HD, you can also subscribe to our JoBlo Movie Network YouTube Channel which has recently become one of the most popular channels on all of YouTube with close to 500,000,000 views in the past 2 years alone! And we thank you for your support!



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